• It's finally happening: 
    The confrontation between current national champion Valentín Bravo and the only star in chilean pro wrestling, the actor who became a wrestler, Ariel Levy in a main event scheduled for one fall, for the title of Chilean Pro-Wrestling National Champion.
  • Dual key art
  • The odds are divided, so we designed a twin set of posters that the fans could share and make their own, depending on who they supported.
  • Match Card
  • Tickets
  • Social media cover
  • #OpenFile
    In this video, I explain the process behind the file contruction of this project (in spanish).
  • All graphics were designed with Versus typeface, a font designed by Marce Moya Ochoa inspired in chilean pro wrestling, and available vert very soon via LatinoType. FREE BETA DEMO AVAILABLE HERE.
  • WIP • Updates to this project are coming soon!