The Study of Form | Oleksandr Geffen

  • Mother and Daughter —  
    60x80cm, canvas, acrylic, thread, varnish

  • Artwork based on the painting by Egon Schiele under the same name.
    The painting is interesting with its compositional solution: the contrast red color of the mother’s dress and a strict vertical formed by the daughter’s pigtail.

  • Edith Schiele in Striped Dress  — 
    60x80cm, canvas, acrylic, thread, varnish

  • A painting based on the artwork by Egon Schiele under the same name.
    A striped dress made of window curtains for Edith looks extremely favorably on Schiele’s painting. The shapes, their rhythmics and contrasts sum up in an admirable pattern.

  • The Spaceport — 
    60x80cm, canvas, acrylic, thread, varnish

  • A contemplation of modern and future space programs.
    There will be a time when even an alive spaceport will be something routine and trivial in people’s perception. I’m delighted with such a thought!

  • The Red Vineyard —  
    60x80cm, canvas, acrylic, thread, varnish

  • A painting based on the artwork by Vincent Van Gogh under the same name.

    People working on vineyards under the setting sun. Carriages, shriveled bodies and a smooth water surface. Daily labor and colors of the world sum up in some kind of life symbol. This occurred in Vincent’s masterpiece and I pressed for the same in this painting.

  • The Geese of the Capitol​​​​​​​ —  
    40x80cm, canvas, acrylic, thread, varnish

  • The story of the painting takes us back to the day when the not yet strong Roman state nearly perished. In 390 BCE, the Gauls invaded Rome, plundered and burned the big part of the city. They besieged the Capitol, a fortress where the best Roman warriors and magisters went into hiding. The Gauls undertook a night attack, they managed to sneak quietly past the patrol and even past the dogs, but the geese from the Temple of Juno made a dust. The attack failed. This gave the Romans some time to lead the army to Rome and save the city.

    The story is interesting in the way that everything could turn out differently! The city suffered from famine in those times, and the geese could easily be eaten by the townspeople.

  • Cyclops — 
    40x60cm, canvas, acrylic, thread, varnish

  • The painting based on the artwork by Odilon Redon ‘Cyclops’.
    The story tells us about the cyclops Polyphemus watching the Naiad Galatea - he’s in love with her. He is hiding in order not to show himself, guards her, but saves her for himself in so doing.

  • The Creation of the World from Chaos — 
    120x180cm, acrylic, resin, canvas, paraffin, threads

  • One of three triptychs of the History of Times.
    The artwork tells us about the Big Bang and creation of something elementary. In this case - visual form alphabet creation.

    Here, it was an important thing to display the energy and uneasiness of such creation. And it is interesting, because the common calculations of two lower modules, its main lines are a sphere. The upper module shows the action of the two lower modules contrariwise. As in all paintings, the lines play the role of a sequence of events, the unfolding of the story.

  • Modulor 2 — 
    40x60cm, canvas, acrylic, thread, varnish

  • Evolution is everywhere. Many people tried to find a pattern in shapes, sizes, numbers and their emotional impact on a human being. Some of them used a man as a measure of harmonious space. Vitruvius and Le Corbusier were searching for it. A modulor human is its harmonious unit and derivatives.
    Modulor 2 is an alliteration to harmonious units and measures in the form of proportions and numbers of a human body.

  • Vanitas — 
    40x60cm, canvas, acrylic, thread, varnish

  • Vanitas, or, as they call it, the Vanity. A classic still life where images like candles, hourglasses, skulls, manuscripts, rotten fruits and other things tell us about the transience of life. Heaven knows who has painted an artwork on a similar topic, but this subject has been followed by such famous artists like Basquiat, Picasso, Cezanne, Dali and many others.

  • The Study of Form

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