The Marshall project - Illustrations

  • “An Odd, Almost Senseless Series of Events”
    Every law student knows John Brady’s name. But few know the story of the bumbling murder that ended in a landmark legal ruling.
  • "In early June 1958, 25-year-old John Leo Brady was in love. He was also in some trouble. His sweetheart, Nancy Boblit McGowan, had just told him she was pregnant, and he was the father. But she was only 19, married to another man. And Brady was broke." In 1958, Brady decided to stick up a bank to fund a new life. It ended with a murder, a Supreme Court case, and the formation of the Brady rule. 

    The story behind the landmark legal ruling is written by Thomas L. Dybdahl, with illustrations by yours truly and commissioned by The Marshall Project, a nonprofit news organization covering the U.S. criminal justice system.

    You can read it here
  • First rough sketches