Barron's cover and interior illustrations

  • Barron's Cover and interior illustrations

  • Cover illustration and interior I had the pleasure to do for the last issue of July's Barron's magazine. The story: Robo Rising. An exclusive ranking of robo-advisors, from performance to technology. 

    We’re almost a decade into the robo-revolution. Story by Alex Eule.

    "In 2010, Betterment unveiled its automated investing service––within a few years, “robo-advisors” were threatening to upend financial services the same way that Amazon undid retail. Sophisticated algorithms, the promise went, could provide customized portfolios to the masses, at a quarter of the price charged by human advisors. Today, all of the asset managers, banks, and brokerages are at least working on some form of a robo, and many have already started their own."