Invisible Inc.

  • Early this year, I had the opportunity to work with George Watsky and the fellas of Invisible Inc. to create the concept of their second album "Fine Print". It was the bands first album in 11 years so I felt committed to create something special for them, from the logo concept to album art including some mkt collateral.

    From LWOS LIFE: "Fine Print refuses to allow itself to be placed in a box, all the while calling back to the hip hop-meets-jazz sound of the band’s first album. The music is sometimes bizarre, sometimes upbeat, sometimes haunting, but never boring. With every song, listeners receive a fresh auditory experience that subverts the songs that came before but sustains a spiritual connection from track to track. -  Steve McGuire -

  • Music video by Invisible Inc. performing Safe Spaceship & Same Way. 2018 Steel Wool / EMPIRE