Exhibit from a dripping personal collection

  • Exhibit from a dripping personal Collection is the first artist book by Canadian artist Elaine Cameron-Weir. It was published on the occasion of her exhibition by the same name at Dortmunder Kunstverein in 2018.
    The design is a straight translation of Cameron-Weir's exhibition concept into a book.
  • Like in the exhibition the eight sculptures were arranged pairwise in four groups. Each group got its own booklet.
    Content structure and layouts are strict symmetric and repeat throughout all four booklets.
    “Through the combination of natural materials like minerals and leather alongside handmade elements and equipment from the scientific and medical fields, Elaine Cameron-Weir creates tension-packed scenarios with her sculptures. Accompanied by symbols like the snake — implying regeneration and renewal via its ability to molt its skin — one conjures up images evoking
    scientific experiments, oscillating between beauty, sensuality and horror; future and past; soft and solid; and transience and permanence.” 

    Oriane Durand, On the airfield, from Exhibit from a dripping personal collection

    In dependence on Cameron-Weir's work the design references historical scientific or military documents and files.
  • Elaine Cameron-Weir
    Exhibit from a dripping personal collection

    Editor: Dortmunder Kunstverein
    Texts: Elaine Cameron-Weir, Oriane Durand
    Photos: Elaine Cameron-Weir
    Language: englisch/german
    Format: 21,5 × 28 cm
    Features: 58 pages, numerous color images, Map with 5 booklets
    Published by Distanz
    Images of the book: Roland Baege