• Visual identity project for Addvolt brand. In this branding, our challenge was creating an identity that represents a young team of entrepreneurs, producing a new innovating plug-in electrical system. Ready to launch it’s new technology internationally.

    Addvolt it’s a Portuguese startup with a brand new technology for the transportation business sector. It’s plug-in electrical system that powers electric motors of any van, truck trailer or container. AddVolt creates positive impacts, it contributes in having eco-friendly vehicles.

    For this visual identity, we’ve chosen a strong color scheme to represent the energy and proactive brand into bringing an innovative product to the market. The adapted typography at their logo combines the startup name as well as the plug-in electrical system format . Alongside, we’ve created also the design of the technology system metal box, as well as Addvolt web design.

  • Art Direction & Design
    Bullseye aim on branding