• Space is a production and cinematographic house based in Doha, Qatar. Inspired by the effect black holes have in the universe: connecting two different dimensions through space, and in a Neotokyo style, we designed a brand filled with visual metaphors that subtly reminds us of this concepts.

    We decided to create a flexible visual system that is modified according to the format in which it is presented, since movement is an essential concept for this branding, we represent the change of dimension and perspective with a dynamic and changing logo. We also made a chromatic selection, inspired in this chaotic world, that is applied selectively for each branding need: for stationery and corporate material it is used in a sober way, but for applications intended for communication, the colors become protagonists. The icon represents the duality between two dimensions, an analogous universe and the digital world.

    Space Studio, are you ready?


    Art Direction: Futura
    Photography: Rodrigo Chapa

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