• WOVEN is our first duo exhibition. 
    For the occasion, we each created seven woven blanket, and a limited series of t-shirts and sweaters. the exhibition took place at the Paul Bovée Gallery in Delémont, Switzerland throughout May.

    we apologize for the quality of some photos that unfortunately we can not take back because some pieces have been sold. 

  • Each woven blanket are in one copy and measures all 152x127cm
  • THE WIZARD SONS, Dexter Maurer
  • FARANDOLE, Nicolas Degaudenzi
  • SAVE COCOON, Dexter Maurer
  • SACCAGE LA PLANETE, Nicolas Degaudenzi
  • INSOMNIA, Dexter Maurer
  • INSOLATION, Nicolas Degaudenzi
  • MALENTENDU, Dexter Maurer
  • CRASH TEST, Nicolas Degaudenzi
  • STAIRS JUMPERS, Dexter Maurer
  • LE LARCIN, Nicolas Degaudenzi
  • ASTRO GIRLS, Dexter Maurer
  • DISTORSION, Nicolas Degaudenzi
  • BRAINSTORMING, Dexter Maurer
  • Close Shots
  • each t-shirt was printed on the back and embroidered on the front while the sweaters were only embroidered. All the clothes have been sold.
  • Here, the three illustrations printed on the back of each t-shirt
  • some pictures of the opening of the exhibition
  • EXPLOSION CANINE, Nicolas Degaudenzi
  • Thank's for watching !!!