Cruise Adventure - Mobile Game

  • CRUISE ADVENTURE - Mobile Game

  • Cruise adventure is a mobile game for kids betweeen 3-5 years old, with simple mechanics,the goal is to take picture of animals during the travel, listening the sounds and at the same time dodging rocks on the river.

    The challenge on this project was to implement cel shading style, keeping all simple but detailed.
    Camera isometric style is one of my favorites, the way everything combines is really amazing when you create mobile games in widescreen view. The Boat and animals views had to be renderer 4 times each one on different view, and we tried to create a 2.5D visual style for the game, but it is only a 2D game. it took about one month for the development.

    Art Direction/ Character designer: Virgilio Cortez
    Lead Developer: Isaac Cortez

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