This is an experimental visual study. I used photogram, luminogram and multiple exposure techniques
    on (analog) instant film in combination with digital enlargement and retouching processes.

    Our daily necessity of digital technology is the main theme of this series. LCD, touch screens
    and other kinds of digital displays, devices and gadgets have become a major part of our reality
    we can’t seem to live (or at least function) without anymore.

    SCREEN SHOT questions our addiction to the machines.
    What will happen if we lose our connection to nature and the „analog“ reality completely?
    Is there even a way back to a pre-digital past if technology suddenly breaks down for some reason?

    Is it just a matter of time until we find the right balance between the two alleged counterparts?
    Or will it always be an ongoing contest for who of us is more in love with mother nature OR the technological evolution?

  • Photosynthesis
  • Being Displayed
  • Pixel Filter
  • Digital Nature
  • I, Shattered
  • Displosion
  • Xtra Tomato
  • Screen Touch

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