Commissioned illustration developed for VideoSharks Animation Studio's printed ad.
    2018 // Montreal - Canada ​​​​​​​

  • ///// first ideas/sketches and basic colour blocking:
  • the first sketches featured just a swimming shark with the falling objects behind. Then we went for the ~movie director shark~ version.

  • ///// layer-stacking animation (digest of the colouring process)

  • I start setting the overall scene mood by creating a simple background/colour palette
    Then I draw vector color blocks of all the basic shapes from each object and character.
    Sometimes I blend some real photo textures to the objects to give them a more organic feel.
    Then I start the lights and shadows rendering by first painting the shadows (masked into the vector shapes).
    Then I paint the drop shadows, highlights, reflections, rim lights and fine details in general (my favourite process :)
    On top of everything I usually add some filters and adjustment layers to balance the final colours and mood.
    ~This animation is just a stacking of the final Photoshop layers (around 250) :S

  • ///// final poster:

  • ///// zoomed in details:

  •  ​​​​​

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