100 // One hundred stories, one face

  • 100
    One hundred stories
    One face

    The idea behind ‘100’ was to represent one hundred iconic people whilst still maintaining the same base, the same eyes and the same mouth, treating the elements with simple geometric figures, making them recognisable only through the details and the color which render them unique.

    The project allows us to understand how our experience, age and education directs us to recognise one figure over another and above all, it forces us to realise how the small details make everyone unique but in reality, we are all the same too.

  • Pocko Face App

    I developed the app simultaneously with the exhibition. I wanted the project to be accessible to all people, of all ages and cultures. I wanted anyone to be able to play with my illustrations, creating their own.

    Pocko Face is the beginning of a multidisciplinary project that explores the relationships between the digital and analog world.
    My character’s are based on the same round shape for the head as well as my signature pair of eyes, both aspects which remain constant in all designs. However it is the colours, accessories and details that define the differences between all the characters.

  • With Pocko Face you can create your own character and share it with friends and on the social network, inviting other people doing the same, creating a world of beautiful people different in small and big details but with the same unique soul.