• The goal was to create a hanger for clothes, which would be space-saving and functional, while maintaining of simple shapes and simple construction.

  • Hanger is made of wooden prism which section is in the shape of an isosceles triangle and which length is 800 mm. Each side of the triangle measures 90 mm. Hooks are made by carving to the edges of the prism in two sizes and depths.
    There are nine hooks on each piece of rack. Six small hooks for holding clothes with their loops and three bigger ones for holding larger things as hats, scarfs, bags or umbrellas.
  • first version of the coat rack, made of wood
  • In this alternative of the concept, wood is replaced with stainless steel. Final shape of the rack is accomplished by cutting steel plate on the laser, bending it and welding together.
  • second version of the rack, made of stainless steel
  • dimensions of the coat rack compared to a size of a person
  • poster