WIndow Display @Hankyu Umeda Departmentstore

  • SAKURA magic

    During this season every year, a “SAKURA forest" carrying all the cherry blossoms of the mountains and creatures of the forests descends to the heart of the city.
    While performing their beautiful ritual of raining petals, the collection of cherry blossoms mesmerize us with their magic in the air.
    Sometimes swelling, multiplying, blown apart, turned around, drenched in rain...
    In the midst of cheers and lights, cherry blossom magic is let loose--
    unveiling the beginning of everything.

  • In between parks and museums, our imagination and our daily routine, the concourse and the sky, the cherry blossom blooms. 

    With the seasons always at a point of change and light and shade never standing still, I have started to find it hard to accept a definite form of truth. Rather, I have started to see this world's make-up as a form of trick art that changes and warps depending on the many ways you look at it. Looking at it in one way from here doesn't mean you will see it that way from over there. The same goes for love, time or space. How dangerous it is to think that the truth is from one time and one age only! That is the feeling imbued within this window.

    The world is magical♪

  • Music by Eucademic Yuka Honda
    Movie by Daisuke Ohki