• Saroo Brierley (born 1981) is an Indian-born Australian businessman and author who, at age five,
    was accidentally separated from his biological mother.
    He was adopted by an Australian couple and, 25 years later, reunited with his biological mother.
    His story generated significant international media attention, especially in Australia and India.
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  • This project was a labor of love for me. I had come idea across LION Movie and wanted to see if I could give my own twist to it.
    what is the apocalypse / what is life for you ?
    my personal opinion in this point is:
    apocalypse isn't destruction of buildings and planet,
    apocalypse is the loss of someone dear to you,
    apocalypse is death of some our loved ones, not our end
    who knows that death will be a bad thing, it's possible your body's death is easier than death of your heart or your senses.
  • Before the final color look was locked down, I worked up several versions to evoke different moods.
  • Some details.