• Marakez EGYPT
    Aeon Towers Lunch
    AYMAN ANWAR, Nada Ayoub​​​
    Photographer& Director Tawfeeq Araman
    Campaign line
    Live Up
    luxury residential towers
    at central west
    A sanctuary from the busy city life but with every service only a doorstep away.
    AEON offers a new approach to modern living where serenity does not come at the expense of convenience.
    Served by all the facilities of Mall of Arabia, AEON is the first real-estate project to be launched by MARAKEZ. In 2015, Al-Hokair group established MARAKEZ with the mission to become Egypt’s largest mix use developer. MARAKEZ brought together a new team of highly experienced and innovative young professionals to consolidate the group’s projects in Egypt and implement a new urban vision. AEON is the first child of this vision.
    MARAKEZ designed AEON as an urban development that redefines luxury living. AEON evolved thus to offer a completely new living experience where luxury residential dwellings, top shopping centers, the best food and beverage services, and entertainment outlets form one integrated urban experience. A living experience where residents are not forced to choose between the amenities of the lively, busy, and crowded city and the comfort and tranquility of suburban life.