Rosemary Restaurant - Brand Identity

  • Rosemary is a new restaurant located in Mansoura city, Egypt. 
    That offers a one of a kind fine dining experience.

  • Logo
  • Concept

    The logo reflects the elegant and fancy nature of fine dining using elements like the wine glass combined with a flower, followed by the slogan, the name of the restaurant and an abstract drawing of the Rosemary plant.
  • Sugar / Napkins
  • Paper Cups / Cup Holders
  • Coasters
  • Bag

  • Cups / Business Cards

  • Packaging
  • Uniform / Notepads
  • Waiters Uniform

  • Chefs Uniform
  • Menu Design

  • Invitation

  • Indoor Posters

  • Billboards

  • Social Media

  • T    H    A    N    K        Y    O    U

  • Agency: Endorphins Art Labs
    Client: Rosemary Restaurant
    Creative Director: Shika
    Art Director: Hani Jamal
    Sr. Graphic Designer: Hani Jamal
    Uniform Design: Kareem Nagy
    Food Styling: Basma Shalaby, Mohamed L Zoghby
    Food Photography: Mohamed Diaa, Kareem El Sabaa
    Copywriting: Hani Jamal, Shika