• Cooperation Luminous brings together physics and art photography at the TU Dortmund. Both disciplines
    conduct research with light—but pur­sue entirely different inte­rests; both disciplines observe light—but in very different ways. In the project Coopera­tion Luminous they enter into dialo­gue with one another.
  • Stefanie Muno Luminous Radiation
  • Merve Baran Energy Transformation
  • Marsha Zeitheim Ray, Wave, Particle
  • Marcel Scholz Spatial Objects

  • Astrid Blum Spectrum
  • Lisa Steinbart Silent Work
  • Nana Seeber The Structure of Light

  • Andreas Metzner References
  • Cooperation Luminous is one of a series of projects in which photography students at the TU Dortmund University transfer the research methods of the flâneur to the university. They become campus amblers.
    They discover and reveal unexpected perspectives, rupturing the documentary gaze in order to open up aesthetic ways of seeing. In this way they tap into the ‘magic of the university, of which it itself is hardly aware’.
  • This catalogue was published on the occasion of the exhibition: Cooperation Luminous from 30. 05. 2018 to 05. 07. 2018 at the City Campus of the TU Dortmund University in the Dortmund U
  • Dortmunder Schriften / Kataloge und Essays Vol. 39, Cooperation Luminous
    Edited by: Manfred Bayer, Jörg Debus, Timo Klos, Barbara Welzel
    TU Dortmund University

    With essays by: Manfred Bayer, Timo Klos,
    Barbara Welzel
    On the art works: Jörg Debus, Timo Klos
    Translation: Lucy Powell (English),
    Elena Panfilova (Russian)

    76 pages printed on two different papers. Text part is printed black on bright white offset paper. The artworks are printed on a matt-coated paper with high pigmented inks. The cover has a glossy spot coat finish.