Video: Lake Monsters (music by They Might Be Giants)

  • A commissioned hand-embroidered music video, Lake Monsters, for my favourite rock band, They Might Be Giants.​​​​​​​

    This embroidery method is called Kogin, an old traditional folk needlework from the north of Japan. One of the features is making stitches in parallel, so they build up like a raster display.

    I used special Japanese Kogin fabrics & thick threads. Most of them, I hand-dyed to the colours I wanted.
    It took really long time to make this video, but I really like the result!
    This song is from the fantastic new They Might Be Giants' album, I Like Fun. Enjoy! :)


  • I dyed Japanese Kogin fabrics and threads first.
  • Hand-dyed Kogin fabric and threads.
  • Thank you for watching!
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