NIKE Careers (UX Design)

  • Nike, Inc. is one of the two biggest Sports brands in the world (with a stock value of $100 billion). As a global employer for potential candidates who would be interested in working for the industry leading organisation, their careers website as of July 2018, is overwhelmingly under-representing the brand's universal impact to those who may be unaware of Nike's influence as a public multinational corporation that leads the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and worldwide distribution of footwear, apparel, sports equipment, accessories and athletic services to online consumers and the offline market.

    A Responsive Website or Mobile App. that looks good but is difficult to use is great UI (User Interface) but poor UX (User Experience).
    A Responsive Website or Mobile App. that is simple to use but looks bad is great UX (User Experience) but poor UI (User Interface).

    The prototype campaign commissioned by a digital agency in Manchester, who are a leading global provider of SaaS technology to the recruitment industry, was to redesign Nike's current careers website with powerful imagery and inspiring storytelling, which was not only visually aesthetic (UI) to the visitor, but also coherently fluid (UX) to navigate easily through the different sections on the new homepage of the website. The primary objective of redesigning Nike's career's website was to increase online traffic through SEO and the conversion rate of applications from across the world for the next generation of curious innovators and creative problem solvers by 2020.

    Ultimately, the fundamental purpose was to connect with prospective applicants on an emotional level, reflecting Nike's universally popular and intensely personal 30 year-old slogan ...Just Do It! (coined by an Advertising Director in 1988 during an agency meeting after learning Let's Do It' were the final last words of a notorious convict from the late 1970's, moments before he was sentenced to capital punishment).