Martini Police

  • Star Treatment
    Arctic Monkeys
  • I just wanted to be one of The Strokes
    Now look at the mess you made me make
    Hitchhiking with a monogrammed suitcase
    Miles away from any half-useful imaginary highway
    I'm a big name in deep space
    Ask your mates but golden boy's in bad shape
    I found out the hard way
    That here ain't no place for dolls like you and me
    Everybody's on a barge
    Floating down the endless stream of great TV
    1984, 2019

    Maybe I was a little too wild in the 70s
    Rocket-ship grease down the cracks of my knuckles
    Karate bandana
    Warp speed chic
    Hair down to there
    Impressive moustache
    Love came in a bottle with a twist off cap
    Let's all have a swig and do a hot lap

    So who you gonna call?
    The martini police
    Baby, that isn't how they look tonight, oh no
    It took the light forever to get to your eyes