part 5 of the "LuCeBar X" project

    "LuCeBar X" is an acronym for the main ingredients of the many parts of this personal project:

    Lumen/Lux (emitted light spectrum),
    Celsius (temperature),
    Bar (pressure) and
    X (which stands for the often surprising effects of a photo-chemical process).

    METAMEMORY is a combination of two camera-less photographic techniques, Luminogram and Photogram, applied on Fuji Instax instant film and digitally enlarged to final print size with a Macro lens.
    For this project I disassembled and modified different components of an old laptop computer and a broken smart phone and also customized many different light sources to give the cold mechanical pieces an organic and lifelike appearance. I want a simultaneous sense of Origin and Decay, Utopia and Dystopia, Analogue and Digital, Micro and Macro cosmos to become tangible within my work because I feel like my generation with all the its technological advancements(e.g. 3D printing, artificial intelligence or  quantum computing) lives at a crossroads of many different possible outcomes for the near future. For good or for worse.

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    Always starting. Always ongoing. Process is progress.

    Thanks for watching!