Shinobi - Mobile Game

  • SHINOBI - Spirit of war
  • Shinobi – Spirit of war is a 2D indie mobile, survival action game for iOS. & Android
  • The game concept is based in the feudal era, the main character of the game was serving to the Shogun (KURO) to conquer all lands but the Shogun’s greed took him to conquer the main land of his servant. This betrayal made his servant to rebel against the Shogun with all his strength, however when all hope was lost for the servant a spirit came in his last seconds of life and told him that his sacred shrine was profaned and will give him life to seek revenge against the Shogun.

    You have to survive multiple waves of attacks from the army of the Shogun, using your skills will help you resist these waves. But the Shogun does not work alone; you will have to resist their Daimyo’s attacks on you using the strength of the spirit within you.
  • Game Visual Design
  • Characters Design
  • Daymios
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