Zippy - Brand Book

  • History

    Zippy is a well-established international brand with over two decades of retail experience. The brand products are available in more than 40 countries worldwide and we are still growing confidently.

    Zippy is an optimistic everyday family brand, that develops timeless and affordable
    clothing (and a criterious nursery selection) for parents-to-be, and 0 to 9 year old kids.


    Zippy has made a successful effort to innovate the offering while maintaining the recognisable values. After a strategic analysis and diagnosis, the briefing pointed to a redefinition of the brand’s vision and mission guiding the different touch points of the brand. The briefing focused on the need to tailor brand communication to a more committed and close approach to today's families. To make daily life easier and more meaningful for parents & kids. 

  • Rebranding

    The visual identity is based on a consistent and playful language, opening the possibility of new associations with the brand: educational, creative, surprising, fun, friendly
    and carefree.

    The brand is part of an extendable visual system, magnetic and evolutionary. The visual universe explores geometric shapes originating from the logo’s rectangle. Solid shapes complement and characterise the brand’s environment.
  • Brand Book

    The brand is made of different shapes and finishings that embody dynamic sets. 
    The 3 different covers of the brand book explore multiple compositions and reveal various textures by giving a playful personality. Inside the reader can experience different ways to gather information, through various textures and cutouts that open the possibility of interaction. There is a detachable manifesto which doubles as an inspirational poster for those who work with the brand. 

    Who are these guidelines to?

    These guidelines are important to Zippy ambassadors.
    It should be to every person, internal or external, that writes, rewrites, oversees, lives, and interprets Zippy brand communication.

  • The definition of Zippy's brand voice is a statement to inspire families and Zippy's stakeholders. Zippy's manifesto is an optimistic message of partnership.

  • Photography Numo / Nuno Moreira

    Thanks to:

    Filipa Bello, Ana Raquel Oliveira, Catarina Moraes Castro, Fernando Cruz, Miguel Durão e Nuno Leites.

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