• T H E  P R O J E C T

    Siman, is one of the biggest department stores in Central America, known as a very dynamic and active brand. We were invited to work on a new proposal for their logo, but we’ve decided to develop a whole new brand concept, one that could demonstrate the identity of all the different departments that they have.
    To create this new identity, the whole shopping experience was taken into account, and each of the designs were created to live on specific materials and channels, like: bags, membership cards, the app, gift papers, and accessories that could be wear like handkerchiefs for the girls on each area, and even glasses for the internal cafeteria.

  • Finally, all the rhombuses took control of the surroundings, providing a much more dynamic and fresh atmosphere to the department store.

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  • C R E D I T S

    Creative Director: Rodrigo Lobo
    Director Designer: Tati Astúa
    Project designers: Tati Astúa & Nani Astúa
    Logo Animation: Daniela Lizano