Victoria Shoes Animation Campaign

  • THE Brief

    VICTORIA SHOES came to challenge us with creating beautiful and meaningful video content for their social media channels among its millennial feminine worldwide public. Victoria is synonym of Summer, Happiness and Color. Clim & João Lucas designed, co-directed and produced this surreal and whimsical animated film to promote Victoria’s most recognisable shoe.

    We created 8 scenes. Each of them was thought as a unique piece that acted as a bumper for the campaign.
    It was important to generate as much content as possible for their social media channels.

    Even though we went for a surrealistic and impossible world, one of the most challenging parts of the project was to achieve a very high level of reality. Their product needed to feel real and to look amazing. That's why we collaborate with the super talented Jordi Cerdà who was in charge of 3D scanning the famous Spanish real shoe for then re-modelling it on top. He was also responsible for scanning all the fabrics and make the texturing of all its parts.


    From the style-frames made in Adobe Photoshop to the making of the scene in C4D.
    We used human scanned movements for the scenes with complex human actions. 
    We rigged our CG shoes to the model so we had very natural and realistic moves.
  • Still Frame - Picnic Scene.
  • The Scenes

    The Brand Reel was the result of cutting together all the content generated, a family of 8 different summer-inspired scenes where shoes celebrate life, summer and youth. Having been given the responsibility of creating modern, fresh and meaningful content for a Spanish brand with such a rich history has been a privilege. Since 1915 Victoria has been characterised by grace and simplicity.
  • We created one scene more graphic than the others that could serve us both
    to tease and to act as link between the scenes on the Brand Reel.


    Directed by:

    Art & Creative Director: Clim
    3D Animation: João Lucas
    3D Product Modeller: Jordi Cerdà
    Music & Sound Design: Aimar Molero
    Edit & Post-production: Clim & João Lucas