Corals, Singapore

  • Situated at the southern part of Singapore, the Corals at Keppel Bay by Studio Libeskind lies our simple space. A literal inspiration from a sail that gently docked by the berth after a long sail. A simple space that endeavours to transcend beyond the visual aesthetic and to inspire quality living. 

    Upon arriving at a low ceiling private lobby, one will transit into a double volume curvilinear space with white-wash sheer curtains in parallel with the feature fins from one end to another. Inspired by the tectonics of a mainsail, the curvilinear feature fins designed with a refined natural oak trimming expresses the artful interpretation of lightness in the mainsail. 

    At one end, stands a masculine sculptural stair leading to the upper floor creating an unprecedented threshold between spaces for a different dimension user experience. At another end, with a simple mirror to extend visual beyond the horizons. Viewing from the upper floor, the lower floor becomes an unobstructed canvas to display furniture with unique characteristic for a different guest. The white-wash muted elevations will serve as a backdrop to highlight intricate details in the space . 

    Contrasting materiality treatment on volume, linear planes, and curves will be essential to articulate simplicity in an irregular space. Establishing of focal points will be a visual guide for progression in an asymmetrical space. Thresholds formed by the intersection of volume and materials will frame up viewing points and suggest activities beyond, thus intriguing a sense of curiosity to encourage further exploration and interaction. With humble and unpretentious details, we endeavour to craft simplicity in our spaces and thus achieving an unusual experience for our homeowners and their guests.