• ​​​​​​​MTV FLAMA HITS
    Graphic Pack - TV Branding

    “When we like a song we become passionate and we express ourselves with the whole body. We want to reflect that visceral feeling from the ponit of view of a fanatic”. This was the request from our Friends of  MTV World Creative Studio to create together the graphic pack of “MTV FLAMA HITS”. The asthetic and narrative objetive was to transmite to the audience, appropriating local codes. The recital, the court, the people shaking the flags and that fire that turn on the show!

    “Cuando nos gusta una canción nos volvemos pasionales y nos expresamos con todo el cuerpo. Queremos reflejar ese sentimiento visceral desde la perspectiva de un fanático”. Este fue el pedido de nuestros amigos de MTV World Creative Studio para crear en conjunto el pack gráfico de “MTV FLAMA HITS”. El objetivo estético y narrativo fue transmitir a la audiencia, apropiándonos de los códigos locales. El recital, la cancha, el público agitando los trapos y ese fuego que nos enciende el show!

  • OPEN ID.
  • Graphic & Animation Process.
  • Process. Cel animation breakdown.
  • Process. Color Exploration.
  • Logo Exploration.

    We work in different logo alternatives to find the personality of Flama Hits.
    We count on this development with the collaboration of Seba Ayala that developed different alternatives of lettering for the brand.
    The objective of this exploration was to achieve a logo with personality, pregance and the power of a HIT.

  • Production Company: Directed & done by InlandStudio

    Creative Director: Javier Bernales
    Design: Javier Bernales
    Lettering: Seba Ayala
    Animation: Diego Polieri, Ivan Grego, Natalia Bedrossian  
    Cel Animation Assist: Jesica Bianchi, Ivan Grego, Natalia Bedrossian  

    Client: MTV WCS

    VP Creative: Sean Saylor 
    Creative Director: Maxi Borrego 
    Design Lead: Charlx Alemany 
    Art Directors: Carlos Mendez / Ismael Picardi / Milagros Fiuza  
    Production & Operation Director: Delfina Chiesa
    Producer: Francisco Romairone
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