Branding | International Chocolate Festival Óbidos

  • Branding Briefing
    For the 11th year the International Chocolate Festival at Óbidos Portugal I've designed the lettering for the main identity. The lettering “Chocolate” was designed for an improved legibility. It will be in all of the communication for the festival maintaining a coherent graphic design that will be easily recognized.
    For the TV commercial spot I’ve co-worked with a photographer and motion designer to perform the conceptual idea of using chocolate related items with miniature human figures.
    Those photos from the spot idea will also be the main image for all the festival. I've also created the identity for the Chocolate Factory, this year theme for the festival.
    All photos by Edgar Libório
    Video by Nelson Lança
  • Main Identity
  • Main Identity with signature
  • Chocolate Factory Identity
  • Outdoor
  • Photo Session
    Colaboration of Edgar Libório & Nelson Lança
  • Making of video
  • Final Spot