Spotify - More playlists (European Launch)

  • Music plays such an important role in teenagers’ life. 

    It informs who they are, how they dress, their language and the friends they keep. That's why music and, more specifically, playlists are so important
    they are the soundtrack of their life, and can provide relief in a bad moment 
    or confidence in the face of challenge. 

    In the European launch of the campaign, 
    we created customized subjects for France and Germany.​​​​​​​
    Using meme’s jargon, we linked in each subject a specific song 
    or artist to a local teens’ insight.

  • Chief Creative Officer & Partners - Livio Basoli & Lorenzo Picchiotti 
    Copywriter - Andrea Galanti 
    Art Director - Nicolò Andrea Ales
    Illustrator - Riccardo Corda 
    Chief Strategy Officer - Lorenzo Foffani 
    Strategic Planner - Marco Frugiuele 
    Account Director - Elena Panza 
    Senior Account Manager - Giulia Borina 
    Integrated Production Director - Matteo Pecorari 
    Digital Executive - Mirko Mantellato 
    Junior Producer - Claudia Ammassari 
    Post Production Supervisor - Seba Morando 
    Motion Designer - Marco De Benedictis