Olib Summer Festival 2017

  • Olib Summer Festival (Olipski ljetni festival) is a summer event with the aim of enhancing the quality of life of the island population and reviving cultural and entertainment events on the island of Olib.
  • Everyone is at the festival!
    vol. 2

  • The main idea in the design of the visual identity of the Olib Summer Festival 2017, except to be cheesy, flippantly and to be seen from the airplane, is 'more is more'. All organizers, performers, sponsors, and partners as well as the selected features of the island of Olib, its residents, visitors... all of it is applied to all visibility materials of Olib Summer Festival. They are all part of the visual identity and are all looking for each other on visuals, constantly commenting on design and illustrations, programs and everything that is happening throughout the festival.
  • And thanks for watching!