Filo tag

  • Filo is a IoT Italian start up that has created a device that makes sure you never lose anything ever again.
    The company produces a small Bluetooth Tracker that allows you to have your valuables at your fingertips,
    The name “Filo” (“Wire” in english) comes from the combination of the first two letters of the words:
    “Find” and “Locate”. At the same time Filo is our “virtual wire” to our valuables.

  • At We Meet Brands we were commissioned to redesign their brand image. The keyword for this project was: deep collaboration. We worked closely with the Filo team exchanging ideas and sharing thoughts. It has been a team effort, with no room for egos. We focused on product storytelling through a very clean and functional visual language.

    The idea was to focus, in a very neutral way, on the product, on the use cases and on a human touch that often get into the scene. The product has to talk by it self. We, together with Filo design team, came up with this solution after a deep competitor communication analysis. Our goal was to make perceive the high quality and value of a completely
    made in Italy product. If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that the team at Filo is incredibly passionate about what they do. That is also why we love working with them.