Shopify Unite

  • Inspired by the vibrant visual branding of Unite 2018, Tendril was tasked to concept and create a simple and inspiring story of growth, community and self definition, facilitated by Shopify.


  • In a minimal world, we will follow our character — a sphere — as it is sparked to life and begins a journey to bring life back to ‘mainstreet’. The story gradually builds and progresses as the hero character discovers and unifies with others, creating the sense of vibrant and growing community. 

    On their journey, the spheres encounter obstacles and find clever ways to overcome these hurdles in ways that show their personalities and ingenuity. The story culminates with a race to the finish and reveals that the many individual spheres have gathered together for a common purpose. Shopify Unite!

  • The film and a library of animated looping brand elements were created to set the atmosphere in the room and energize the audience on opening day and throughout the event.



    Client: Shopify                                                               
    Producer: Ajay Chauhan
    Co-Directors: Christopher Bahry & Alex Torres
    Executive Producer: Kate Bate
    Producer: John Szebegyinszki
    Storyboards: Rodrigo Rezende
    Lead Designer: Leandro Beltran
    Animation: Samuel Bohn, Omid Seraj, Leandro Beltran, Flavio Diniz
    Lighting, Render and Compositing: Chris Bahry, Joseph Recoskie
    Sound Design & Music: Combustion Studio

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