• Character design for a game HUMAN + 

    In the near future, humans will hijack evolution from nature, and start using hi-tech in order to upgrade their genetics. Along the side with the mechanical additions to the human body, humanity will step forward in the next phase, that will be called HUMAN+. The Earth atmosphere shredded from the interstellar flights is patched with nano shields, earth core with the intertwined neural networks that connect everything on the Earth, became also a hybrid planet. In the world of data, roaming through the veins of the planet, hackers became the new elite, able to alter the future, and control worlds. Black hat hackers have waged war against the white hackers fraction, in attempt to control the major neural knots of the major cities of the Earth. You will be in the role of the hacker, that is taking his battles between the reality and augmented virtual world. Hacking the system by solving the puzzles, you will gain territory for your fraction and gain virtual crypto coins, that you could use to upgrade your human+ existence or travel between worlds.

    Story by Denis Bostandzic