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    In the Brazilian market for nearly 15 years (since 2000) to Dinamize was born as a digital agency. For 5 years ranged from development projects and software. Since 2005 when Jonathan Abbott and Allan Light joined the company side of Julio Vicente to the company repositioned eliminating entire portfolio of services and turning exclusively to the e-mail marketing, media incipient and full development in Brazil.
    At this time the Dinamize had only 23 clients, 1 employee and a sublocada headquarters in the South. 10 years later we serve 18,000 brands inside and outside Brazil through a network of 10 branches and over 900 authorized dealers channels of our software. Among the brands are met over a hundred among the largest and best known in the world and Brazil.

  • Necessity​​​​​​​
    Through an innovative and dynamic company, with the modern and digital media, it was noticed a reformulation of the of the language, identity and communication of the brand.Taking how the basics of work, efficiency, agility and innovation work together with the assignment of safety as the essence of the brand.

    The concepts cited should serve as a platform for brand redesign, which serves as an indicator for the company and its identity. The symbol, with a refinement of the current level, more modern, with more personality and lighter. In the brand, it represents movement, dynamism and innovation.

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  • The typography was totally redesigned, being also like base, an old typography. Now more youthful and modern, with more cleaning and better reading, demonstrate excellence, robustness of services. This new logo marries perfectly with the symbol, creating a completely unique logo that completes and that the house is perfect with the other. As new colors also bring important meanings.

    Maintaining the brand's assumption, as nuclei finished by completing the thought of young, modern, current, mature and trustworthy and safety, bringing as a result, a quality of services provided and the range of expected results.

  • Results
    From now on, a Dinamize will go through a new way of communicating with employees and the community, whether clients or not. This definition is important for the corporate culture management process. The communication of the new brand transmits balance, tranquility and security, which are characteristics of the company. It also includes important innovation and modernity for the brand, as Dinamize connects people and customers through services, through state-of-the-art digital services.