Flutter Hot Reload Game at Google I/O 2018

  • Flutter Hot Reload Game at Google I/O 2018

  • Flutter Hot Reload is an open source game, developed by 2Dimensions with the Google Flutter team, to create an interactive kiosk for the Google I/O conference.  The goal of the exhibit was to give attendees a chance to experience Flutter in a fun, interactive, and memorable way. You can find more infoarmation in 2Dimensions.

  • Character design
    The character design is based on a profile of Nerds and Geeks. With these ideas we have worked on four characters that represent different roles in the game.

  • Background
    For the background we think of a startup with an informal aspect.
  • Animation
    The game is a multiplayer, collaborative, UI-building race, similar to Spaceteam. In the game, the character goes through different emotional states, Happy, Upset and Angry. For the animation, 
    I used the Nima tool, developed by 2Dimensions, which allows making animations using bones, mesh and constraints, among other options.

  • Open Source
    The game is open source, so you can explore and configure it however you want. If you want to know more about this project, visit  2Dimensions.