• Enjoei


    Packaging & Branding
    Enjoei is a marketplace specialized in second-hand women’s fashion. With an informal, relaxed and young proposal, Enjoei has grown and today it seeks to establish itself as a great company of technology and fashion without losing its charisma, which has been acquired among its users.
    The Challenge 
    Enjoei is a cross-plataform, young and friendly brand. The challenge is to maintain these aspects, adding a more humane and entertaining tone, both graphically and verbally, in addition to emphasizing the growth of the company. Also, we need a brand that serves and represents diverse publics and platforms, that is adaptable and also transmits movement, after all, Enjoei is an eternal renewal of customers and exchange of services.
    The Solution 
    This proposal works as an evolution of the current brand, while maintaining its personality and sympathy characteristics. The logo + symbol composition provides several different applications, thinking about brand responsiveness. We added a typographic family that extols modern and cool identity and we also re-read current colors bringing the desired strength.

  • Nonsense Posh is the term created to conceptualize Enjoei’s identity, where elements of different and surreal universes coexist together and recreate scenes full of details.

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