METALLICA Stuttgart Night 2 "METALLIKIDS" Poster

  • This poster is a tribute to all the kids who grew up listening to Metallica that are now parents raising a whole new generation of metalheads themselves! 🤘
    From F4D site: Order any Dayne Henry Metallica poster (doesn't have to be this one!) from our site and receive a "Metallikid" custom die cut sticker for free! 1 sticker per poster, order as many posters as you'd like! If you order more than 1 poster we'll make sure you don't get a duplicate and if you order 4 posters we'll make sure you get all 4 stickers of course!
    Stickers will never be for sale and are only given away with poster orders. Stickers measure approximately 3.5 to 5 inches tall (approx. 9 to 13 cm) each.