Day1 Endeavor

  • Since its first edition, Day1 has grown, evolved and become a cornerstone for Endeavor. With more than
    10 million online views and more than one thousand face-to-face attendees, it has become much more than
    an event, and from that moment on, the need to rethink your strategy and brand identity.

    A simple example can change an entrepreneur's journey.

    It was from this insight that the new Day1 brand was born. A brand capable of responding to the great needs
    of the high-growth entrepreneur in Brazil: connecting it with other entrepreneurs, forming communities;
    inspire him, giving him motivation to risk more; provoke you through inspiring examples.
    The new visual and verbal identity took as its starting point this concept, putting stories and examples at the center
    of everything we have built. The concept is represented by a graphic form inspired by a quotation mark,
    a strong symbol to represent the power of narrative exchange
    and through it the visual universe
    is unfolded in colorful and dynamic compositions, revealing the different trajectories of each entrepreneur.
    The new logo reflects the dynamism and versatility that Day1 as a platform has conquered over the years.

  • Project by Interbrand São Paulo

    Creative Director: Sergio Cury
    Design coordinator: Leandro Strobel
    Visual Identity: Carlos Teles
    Verbal Identity: Pedro Kastelic
    Brand Strategy: Thais Cirenza
    Animation: Erick Fugii

    The event was produced by Endeavor.