• This series is an attempt in questioning our identities in this dominating global culture.  These are common scenes one is greeted walking around in most streets in India. However with urbanisation and pop culture, these  indigenous and simple ways have been replaced with machines and products that come in shrink wrapped boxes. A personal project that Questions our unique identities, at the cost of embracing globalisation making us all look 'Uniform' in the this massive global village.  

    These are people who live in their own worlds despite all the modernisation around, still holding on to the threads of 
    culture and tradition. 
  • Tea by the meter, The measure of a good bevarage in South India is often a function of the ‘lengths’ to which the maker is prepared.
  • Hardworking dhobi going about his daily chore, helping hundreds of households in india look good everyday.
  • Charming yet understated flower sellers, ubiquitous to indian streets
  • Initial sketches 
  • Beliefs that determines our outlook about the world and our experience within it.
  • Modest hair dresser on the Indian streets, Styling several faces everyday .
  • Custom made Indian street Fashion, tailored to fit the street smart. 
  • Animations
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