Curse of the lost Memories - RPG Adventure Cover Art

  • This piece is the cover for a project successfully funded on Kickstarter by Griffon Lore Games.

    Curse of the lost memories is the first volume of the Chronicles of the Celestial Chains adventure path for 5E or Pathfinder 1E.

    You can find more info here:
    The cover is basically a mix between 3d work (character design) and matte painting / compositing in Photoshop (Environment) and a lot of painting over and in between, to blur the lines.

    The briefing saw me building an illustration that satisfies two types of players; those totally into characters and details and those who are into environments and atmosphere. And of course those who love both ;) In turn it was more challenging and rewarding than most client work and since it is my third character that I created with Zbrush, a huge learning experience as well!

  • Polypainting stage in Zbrush
  • full figure out of zbrush
  • Sketchfab version of the figure only
  • Final version of the wrap-around cover and also wallpaper in 1920x1400px