Chocapic - Big Bang

  • A galaxy rethought by Onur Senturk with greedy cereals as asteroids, which explode by the force of flavors. produced this film
    for McCann Paris that takes us to the edge of the universe and marks a power through the dynamics of its animation as well as its colourful environment reflecting an explosive work.


    Client. Nestle
    Agence. McCann Paris​​​​​​​
    Copywriter. Claire Pagès
    Art Director. Nicolas Renard
    TV Producer. Matthieu Tombarelle 

    Production Company.
    Director. Onur Senturk
    Producer. James Hagger
    Production coordinator. Felipe Bernard
    Production Assistants. Mathilde Siméon & Amel Djafer
    Layout. Aynur Kazaz
    Animation. Aline Hananel & Onur Senturk
    Modeling. François Gris & Alexandre Scalvino
    Houdini. Sebastian Kowalski
    Real Flow. Ole Lemming
    Compositing. Guillem Ramisa De Soto
    Lighting & Renders. Alexandre Scalvino 

    Music & Sound design. ECHOLAB - Gavin Little