Lean on Pete

  • The story is taking place in the suburbs of Portland (Oregon) and tells us about an emotionally charged journey of a teenager in search of family after his father dies.


    As Emily Zemler (Los Angeles Times) highlights: "For Haigh, this is the sort of story that — hopefully — generates compassion in a viewer. Charley's journey, which is often brutal and sad, offers a glimpse at what it could mean to be entirely alone in the world, afraid of never finding safety and home again."


    The colours and graphic language were chosen to emphasize the storyline and the general mood of the novel and its film adaptation.

  • The movie poster, which I designed, is about a boy and a horse, however I decided to follow the director's idea of staying away from tipicalities and to express with composition and illustration style the idea of struggle, loneliness and tragedy, so vividly present in the film.


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