• The Oshu

    Produced: Hi atelier
    Designer: Ihor Havrylenko

    We very often thinking about everyone. About absolutely different things ... friends, love, bitterness, loss, about the cosmos and about life. We think about beauty and emotions. About people whom we see every day on the streets of our native city - Kyiv. It seems to us that our thoughts give us the opportunity to look at the design entirely from the other side. Many people think that design is just about inventing something new. But this is not so. Many have a wrong opinion. Before you create something you need to live a story. Before I start to present our new project we want to introduce you to the words of Andy Warhol, an important person for us. After we read these words that the idea of ​​the The Oshu project was born.

  • 'A mirror is an object that reflects light in such a way that, for the light in the light, that does not protect much of the original wave signal,' smart people will say.

    'But for us the mirror is about our soul, beauty and emotion are displayed in.'

    Mirrors are not just an object. They all see everyone remembers. These thoughts have very strongly hooked our soul. Therefore, we became fired with the desire to develop a design of mirrors. Working on this project, we wanted to show everyone that mirrors are much more important than beds, doors, armchairs. With mirrors, it is very interesting to work. Always different.

  • Our new project is devoted to the beautiful half of humanity - to women. The Oshu is a dressing table that perfectly fits in any modern space and will always delight beautiful ladies and their companions.

  • The Oshu - is toilet table made in a modern minimalist style. The assortment of The Oshu has two different models. The first model is O1, the second is O2. O1 - 1000 x 275 mm, h = 1520 mm, R of mirror = 500 mm. O2 - 600 x 275 mm, h = 1840, R of mirror = 300 mm. O1 - low dressing table with a large round mirror and two surfaces for storing women's things. Any girl will be pleased to start her morning sitting in front of O1. The second model of Oshu is higher. O2 is much more compact than O1, has three surfaces for storing small things, and a round mirror.

    Design O1 is specially created for bedrooms, guest rooms and other rooms that are designed for relaxation. The O2 model is more universal. She does not require a stool. Use O2 can only be standing. That's why this model is easily suitable not only for housing but also for public places. For example, the O2 model can be used in ladies' rooms of public spaces, at the exit from the restaurant or in the beauty salon.

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