2018 Rebetiko Carnival

  • Rebetiko Carnival is a biennial music festival, organised by a group of musicians passionate about Greek music, its history and the emotions that it can evoke. It is a platform that aims to bring together musicians from different genres having as a common ground Rebetiko music. It is also a Charity that supports the community, musicians, people with special needs, students and the elderly through music. This is achieved through the many concerts, education work in schools, outreach projects in hospitals, special needs residences and care homes, that take place throughout the year. Rebetiko is the music of an urban sub culture called ‘Rebetes’. It emerged in Greece in the 1920s, but is a rich synthesis of music from all over Greece, Asia Minor, Ottoman modal art music, Byzantine chant, and cafe music. Rebetiko Carnival celebrates this amalgamation of cultures, instruments, and people.