• It all began back in 1780 when the current Melgarejo owners’ great-great-grandfather set up a facility of 1,000 square meters and a machinery of the time, consisting of a stone mill and a beam press.

    Over time, those old premises led to what today is one of the most prestigious and veteran olive oil companies of the region, which produces some of the most awarded and distinctive Extra Virgin Olives Oils in the world.

    Singular olive trees of different varieties, terroir, weather, altitude, only natural treatments, perfect-timing harvest, selection, care… It all helps to produce these amazing results which, of course, demanded, for each single type of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the right outfit. And here is where we show up to take on that challenge.

    Melgarejo Premium is made with the best quality olives of each season. Indeed, this is an exclusive & premium product which needs to convey the same statement through its packaging. That is why we opted for a sober yet elegant design, with black color covering all background and white for the typography (bottle) and the opposite combination for the cardboard box, creating a stylish and clean set.
    Nature-inspired light illustrations decorate all boxes, the same ones since 2009, as a way of trade-mark for this range.
  • Melgarejo Selección de Variedades is an oil oriented to a wide range of customers, from newcomers to the benefits of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil to all-life consumers. Hence, we understood that our job was about how to fit a tailor-made suit to a product of high quality aimed to be present on each dining table. To achieve this, we tried to come up with an image which had to be recognizable and connected to this concept, fresh and rooted into tradition and authenticity.

    So here it comes: an iconic and traditional tablecloth helped solved this hurdle, serving as inspiration for the new design. Our interpretation shows a predominant red color in a pattern with a secondary blue, which bring our product a truly differentiated and distinctive identity which stands out wherever it may be placed.
  • Melgarejo Original combines tradition from its content with innovation from its packaging design. Simplicity and plainness are predominant in the illustration we sketched while happiness and ease are stressed by using white as the background color.

    Aiming to be different, we meant to depict a representation of a typical Melgarejo’s olive trees orchard which shares its place with real Nature, where not only trees can be found when the harvesting time comes, but also birds, grass, basket for recollection purposes…
  • Melgarejo Cosecha Propia, with Protected Designation of Origin Certificate, has a special meaning for the Mergarejo family, since this was their first oil they ever sent to markets.
    So, in order to pay homage to the small country town and its landscapes and fields where it was born (Pegalajar) the design we produced intended to show, by means of illustrations a landscape with hills, a town and snow-capped mountains.
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    Photography credits: Juan Partal
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