Sorry Youth's 2nd Album "No dream, no life."

  • 拍謝少年
    Sorry Youth's 2nd Album
    "No dream, no life."

  • 2018 Indigo Awards /Calligraphy /Gold Winner
    2018 Indigo Awards /Illustration /Gold Winner
    2018 Indigo Awards /Packaging Design /Gold Winner
    2018 Golden Melody Award /Best Album Design
  • I come from a country surrounded by the ocean, however, due to political issues, the government has always instilled in us a sense of danger toward the sea. As a result, even though the ocean is plainly around us, we are very strange to it. On the other hand, our country has one of the highest mountain densities in the world, and it happens that the mountains have always been considered dangerous by the government as well. I am very curious about these myths and I feel that if I have the opportunity to know more about the mountains and the sea, I should be able to know more about myself. Because of this idea, I started to portray the ocean, and originally hoped that as I learned more about the dynamics of the waves, the more I could understand it. But as I drew and drew, I discovered that the sea is just like mountains, portraying the sea is not so much different from portraying the mountains. Maybe when this kind of repeated mechanical superposition reaches a certain extent, we would regard them as some kind of threatening existence no more.