Consumo Cuidado

  • Consumo Cuidado

    An online store that specialises in everyday-use products which range from plant-based milks to nappies (diapers for those of you across the pond!). Consumo cuidado was looking to define itself as an eco-friendly brand known for being warm and welcoming to its customers, shedding itself of the all-too-common idea that natural = overpriced.

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    To achieve this, I used friendly graphics with a variety of colours and graphic touches, all while maintaining visual order and organisation. I also created a pattern inspired by naturally woven raffia bags to really highlight the essence of being home-made and friendly.  The packaging of this creative project doesn't actually exist, they're make-believe, if you will. They were designed based on the existing graphics that had already been created for the project with the objective of demonstrating ways in which you can apply previously-developed graphics in new ways.
    Photos: Sumiko Miura