TRAVEL TO UKRAINE / 7 Interactive maps

  • I would like to represent a set of advertising maps with most popular tourist attractions in 7 Ukrainian cities 
    (chernivtsi, kyiv, odesa, kharkiv, poltava, lviv, dnipro).
     These maps were created in 2016 as a part of my senior thesis. The main idea of this project was creating not only ordinary tourist map, and instead showcased the culture, traditional features and personality of each Ukrainian city of this set, as well as the best places to go. 
    Maps show the most popular attractions such as museums, historical sites and other interesting places. 
    All posters were created in mixed technique that is, drawing by hand and coloring digitally.
  • - Chernivtsi -
  • - kyiv -
  • - odesa -
  • - kharkiv -
  • - poltava -
  • - lviv -
  • - dnipro -
  • - product design -
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